In revealing how Sophie's role as storyteller grows out of a profoundly receptive and responsive maternity, Bauer generates a metaphor that eventually acquires the power of literal truth...In the comfortable familiarity of its form - about as well-worn and dependable as old shoes - and in its homely moral truths, Nancy Bauer's second novel is a wonderful, wise, and worthy book. Its wisdom resides in its confident hope that we have power to ensure our children's survival into a better, more imaginatively abundant future.

– Atlantic Provinces Book Review

This is the sort of novel that is smiling to itself, and although it doesn't have a lot in the way of conventional plot, readers won't find themselves feeling deprived.

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Cover art by Maxwell Bates
courtesy Canada Council Art Bank

ISBN088750 585 6 HC

ISBN 088750 586 4 SC

Printed in Canada

Wise-Ears is out of print, but copies may be found in many used book stores.