The Irrational Doorways of Mr Gerard

"A rivetting tale. Nancy Bauer's storytelling is as taut and richly textured as the Middle Eastern tapestries that weave their way through the lives of her characters." — T.F. Rigelhof

"Even more interesting than the story is the way that Bauer interlaces history, spirituality and philosophy, giving the writing a visionary depth." — Atlantic Books Today

The Irrational Doorways of Mr. Gerard brings to life a kaleidoscopic relationship: on one side is Arlene Monson, with her daughter Alice and her "found" daughter Andrea; on the other side are their protector, James Bridgeford, and the enigmatic Mr. Gerard.

Bauer's post-modern imagination creates a unique reality, with details from matriarchal religion, modern fine crafts, and a deep understanding of the ways in which children first upset and then reorder the adult world.

In the startling dénouement, solved mysteries open new doorways to mark, not an end, but many beginnings.

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